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  • Patient Management System

    Patient Management System

    Category : Data & Intelligence,Portals & Content,Software & Applications

    Industry : Healthcare

    PhaseStream implemented an integrated application that allows healthcare professionals to electronically register patients and order products for the patient.


    Pharmaceutical company now uses this solution as a flagship product when procuring new business with the NHS Service in the UK.


    In addition to the application, further work was done on the digitalisation of patient nurse forms. PhaseStream created an end-to-end Automated Secure Nurse Forms Bank system for capturing, archiving and storing electronic nurse forms, thereby eliminating paper nurse forms.

  • Branch360 - Retail Optimisation

    Branch360 - Retail Optimisation

    Category : Data & Intelligence,Portals & Content,Mobile Apps,Software & Applications

    Industry : Banking & Financial Services,Retail

    PhaseStream developed a novel software application for branch flow management for banks that have a high volume of customers. The bespoke system can eliminate 80% of existing hardware and software components and provides real-time branch monitoring. It gathers data on a wide range of activities in real time, offering a step forward from existing programmes.

    The system collects information on:

    • the number of customers at a branch per hour or per day
    • peak customer times
    • the average customer wait time
    • the number of “open” service points at any given time
    • the average amount of time it takes to serve a customer
    • all feedback (both positive and negative) from customers
    • transaction types carried out customers
    • any identifiable patterns regarding staff's productivity

    The system provides real-time branch monitoring, statistics business intelligence reports and a centralised administration panel.

  • Ticketing Solution

    Ticketing Solution

    Category : Data & Intelligence,Mobile Apps,Software & Applications

    Industry : Information Services,Retail,Travel & Hospitality

    A complete end-to-end integrated ticketing platform designed to provide memorable event experience for organisers to sell tickets and for patrons to buy tickets conveniently through electronic means.


     The ticketing solution supports:

    • Event advertising and publishing
    • Registration & Ticket Selling
    • Event Day Check In Control
  • Financial Reconciliation

    Bank Reconciliation Platform

    Category : Portals & Content

    Industry : Banking & Financial Services

    As part of the ecommerce giant's period-end processes, the need to reconcile the bank accounts’ balances and transactions in the organisation is paramount to its financial department. 

    PhaseStream created a single unified reporting & business intelligence platform that allows the client to view and consolidate transactions from multiple bank accounts in one platform that automates the transactions retrieval process, lessening manual processing, and increasing accuracy in financial consolidation reports.

    Designed as a best of breed financial accounting reporting solution, the project now enables the Finance Directors to improve and materially increase the efficiency of the finance department through rationalized bank account reconciliation reports.

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